Saving the last for last.

Ultimacy is more unusual than we suspect,

and seldom announced as clearly as we need.

The last day of school is memorable,

but   the last you made love before the breakup may have missed notice.

Who can remember the last time they walked the dog at the old house,

or the last long trip in the old car before we found out it wouldn’t make another one.


It is really sort of artificial to say “this is it, this is final, it is all over and done.”

We crave that kind of tidiness and even imagine we have it , but it is actually very rare,

Or perhaps I am running away with my own conceit.

Perhaps most people pay attention much better than I do to these punctuationsin the minor rhythms of life.

I know we don’t talk about it much,

Although we all remember Appommatix and inaugurations, we don’t remember the last day of the incumbent as well a they do.

So, we have a brisk business in greeting cards imploring us to pay attention to the moments of our lives as they pass.

As they pass.

As they pass.

4 thoughts on “Saving the last for last.

  1. “Perhaps most people pay attention much better than I do to these punctuations in the minor rhythms of life.”

    Punctuation itself is both minor and major, and so I loved this line in particular out of a poem I found profound and moving, traveling and still.

    Punctuation is so taken for granted but it is the music and content, not just framing, for everything written. Even its lack is a statement.

    I enjoyed this walk through your poem.

  2. Thank you so very very much. Like its content, I considered the poem a minor glance, but re-reading it after your comments I like it better for its lack of vast ambition. I even found some edits to tighten it up. Thank you so much for taking the time.

  3. I first read this piece 4 days ago and it has rolled through my mind since. It has haunted me. You brought to the fore moments that I intuit but never think about…that is what haunted me.

    Thank you for this piece.

    -technical note: I am sure you picked this up already but there is a missing “s” in “as” in your 4th last line…doesn’t fuck with the awesomeness of the piece at all though…just a tech note.

  4. You hit right to the core of things: there are so many examples of ultimacy that you draw on – some seriously and some with a slightly wry twist – but you gave me real pause for thought. And yes, our days are now punctuated by pestilential reminders from the greetings card industry. I prefer your repetition of ‘as they pass’ as the poem comes to a close – it echoes the flowing tide of passing days and times more naturally than any garish Hallmark card ever could.

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