Hour Fifteen ~ Knitting and I ~

Write a poem about someone or something you have lust for.” by Daryl Cole Curnow.


When I have nothing else to do, I sit
and knit and knit and knit all day-
only getting up when its time to pray
then back again to the needles to fit

I knit for babies I knit for kids
I love to mix the colours bright
I love to knit pullovers tight
and now for the hands the mitts

I find the mind involved and away
from all stress strife and things astray
I feel happy that I have the skill to make
clothes for others to keep warm and awake

for me its a reading calculating book
I see beyond the normal outlook
I see the stars rainbows in stitches
away stays sadness magic and witches

Its good to have this as a hobby
pray count and blend happiness
stay focused on The Good Scheme
Be blessed in heart smile in the dream.

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