Winter Orchid – 4/24

My very teeth – all sweet
relinquish morals to the craving
to bring spring
to know seasons
to hoist my weather-mouth
high above her,
perched perfect as a statue,
she is.

I am such an ardent gardener
I make the flowers bloom in winter,
and the curve of her smile to follow,
the woman adores the orchids
she wears on her body,
and daisies in her hair,
and roses on the countertop.

the petals fall and collect,
every daisy, rose… her orchids
I bloom them,
they blossom for me only- like I am
a ready bee
dancing pollen off my feet for her.

Surviving the April showers,
to grow flowers in December,
each petal curved like
the smile on her face.


@ angel rosen

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