Let Me

You don’t know how it feels to have a heart beating so fast with just the simple sight of your back
Or even just a quick glance at your shoes.
You don’t know what it’s like to have your pulse throbbing when you walked by and make me stop at my tracks,
Believe me, you don’t have a single clue.
Like when the moment you walked in the door of our class,
You already captured a piece of my heart.
And the moment you walked out the same door and left,
You already have it all, completely, its every single part.
You don’t know how the sound of your name brings a familiar rhythm in my soul,
And how your mysterious stare could swallow me like it’s as if I’m falling in a black hole.
You don’t know how your laughter could bring me back to my senses,
You don’t know how your smile could bind up my shattered and broken pieces.
The genuine reality of your beauty, is something you cannot fully grasp.
Because you haven’t really seen yourself aside from looking at mirrors and photographs,
But believe me that if you do,
You’d understand why I fell for you.
You’d understand why I’m doing this,
Why I’m sacrificing things just so you would notice.
Notice how you’ve turn my world up side down,
And how you took me out from being drowned.
Drowned in the sea of hate I am so ready to plunge myself in.
But then everything changed when I saw you. And how your heart light up from within.
It’s so sad that it’s hard for you to love yourself.
That you cannot feel what I just felt.
But it’s okay, let me be the one to show that love to you.
Let me be the one to make you feel the love that is filled with truth.
Let me be the one to hold you when you feel sad,
Let me be the one to hug you when you feel mad,
Let me be the pin, for when you’re about to explode like a grenade,
Let me be the one who will stay with you when everything else fades.
Though, I understand if you wouldn’t want me.
It’s okay if you think that we’re not made for each other perfectly.
I know it’s hard to find the things you want that I lack,
And that it’s even harder to force the person to love you back.
But if you need me, whenever you need me, I’m here.
I’m just here, waiting for the day you’ll let me hold you dear.

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