The Night is for Sleeping

When was the last time,
You have fallen peacefully asleep at night?

And not think about the things,
That haunt your restless mind?

When was the last moment where you went to bed to sleep,
Hugged your pillows so tight,

And not worry about the monsters inside your head,
Along with the problems that give you fright?

When was the last time you lie down,
And felt the surging relief after a tiring day,

And not dreadfully stare at the ceiling,
While you think about the things that are gone but should’ve stayed?

When was the last time you cuddled
Among warm blankets and your favorite stuffed bear,

And not wake in the middle of the night, screaming,
Because of an unwanted nightmare?

When was the last time you have slept
‘Till the early sunrise,

And not stayed up all night,
Thinking about your inevitable demise?

When was the last time you have happily put off
Everything that you are doing just so you can rest,

And not crying horribly because of the loaded school works,
And all the things you need to review for your test?

When was the last time you have closed your eyes,
Satisfied with how your day went,

And not painfully close it,
Asking what every crack in your heart meant?

When was the last time you have looked forward
In going home,

And not worry about how you’ll end up wide awake in your bed,
Feeling all alone?

Just tonight, please hold tight.
Stop thinking, stop worrying.

Just stop what you are doing.
Give it to God, and go to sleep, Darling.

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