You are My Home (Eleventh Hour)

A freak, crazy, girl,
An alien in this world.
That’s what peopld often call me,
Whenever I proclaim You are my Lord.
They don’t understand what it feels like,
To be with You for the rest of my days,
All they know is to judge and give a strike,
In everything I do and in different ways.
A slap across the face,
Words that can kill a heart,
They have stepped on my whole being,
Just so they can tear us apart.
Thousands of restless days,
And sleepless nights,
Thousands of criticism,
And society bites.
Everything inside me is already torn,
My cracked hearts seem to be full of pain even from the day when I was born.
But comparing it to what You’ve done for me when You wore the crown of thorns,
All of this comes down to nothing, and I know that this pain is worth all the more.
No matter what they try to do,
No matter how much they try to
Take me away  from You,
I know that still, You’re always here with me,
And that You’ll never leave me on my own.
I know this world can do nothing,
For I am never alone.
And I’d always find my way back to my home.

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