In and Out

In and Out


He didn’t mean to kill

the man,

it was self-defence,

he said –

he came home

to the burglary

in the dark.


I only meant to

get his attention,

he gasped,

to scare him away.

Pardon me,

your honour…


The man shuddered

with anguish

and grief:

Pardon me,

your honour,

I deeply regret

what I have done.


As the man

gathered up his

papers and



was as repentant

as a pardoned man

should be.


Closing the door

behind him,

in his welcome


his partner asks:

How are you


getting away with murder?

 (c)  R. L. Elke 2016

One thought on “In and Out

  1. This is utterly chilling! The short phrases and icy cool sentences are perfect for this poem. Your turn of phrase is absolutely beautiful and creates sudden bursts of imagery and characterisation: the killer, ‘as repentant as a pardoned man should be’ who closes the door behind him in ‘his welcome home.’ Great control of your phrasing and your pace in this very creepy tale!

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