3 – Before Darkness

A lifetime of thoughts happens
In the minutes, sometimes hours
Before I close my eyes

The worlds that never were,
But might be – if I write them down
The morning after, or even now
If I reach for the notebook by the bed

The things I never said,
And never will, the responses
To things both happened and wished,
Or dreaded, but always imagined.
The scripts we prepare for,
That never play out

But the wildest of thoughts
The best of ideas
Will never be written,
Will not be remembered
As they pass in those final moments
Just before drifting away
Before the blackout of sleep

2 thoughts on “3 – Before Darkness

    1. Thank you so much! And I was worried that it’s a cliché idea and a common interpretation of the title. But I guess there are those things everyone relates to but not everyone writes about, and someone should!

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