I wake up and go to check up
on the older female, as I know
all too well when she has to be
up and walking towards the
kitchen, then I can eat.

It’s a thing, I don’t eat alone,
even when the bowl is full,
I need the company of a

Most days are pretty much
the same, they get up, they
leave and they come back,
usually at the same time,
and as the other four-legged one
is old, she is no longer the
messenger of the keys dangling
outside the door, my hearing
is much better as I am
still young.

And yet today, they have taken
them out again, the soft boxes
the ones that are not always
open and often just
too large for me.

They are moving objects
that take up space in
the soft box, and I hurry
to climb in, to take up
my space, that should
rightfully belong to me.

They think that I don’t know,
but I see they are leaving.
I know they will be back, but
I just really want to
go with them.

Cat in a suitcase
Runa packed

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