Let’s wear out these bodies

Let us grown old together and
travel the world
Tromp across the desert
our skin grown thick as leather

I want to grow old with you
lets skip the kids
The forest we can nurture
as we grow old together

I want to grow old together
you by my side
Riding treetops in stormy weather
our hands clinging tight to the other

Growing old with me beside you
old elephants we are
Wandering off to die together
leave the herd behind

Through the wilderness we’ll wander till one or both goes senile and your’re still in a wheelchair and I’m too weak to push you, then I wander off a cliff like a mountain goat and you can’t unfold your emergency blanket quickly enough (There’s a snowstorm and you have bad arthritis in your fingers) so you slowly freeze to death and the last thing I’ll remember is you and the last thing you’ll think of is me.

Lets not die in some old folks home.

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