Autobiography of a Face (hour 10)

A – luring you are as the beauty shines

U – unthinkable you are, flattering everyone you come in contact with

T – Trust worthy is your countenance as it shows outward

O – Over powering is your look its like a magnet

B – Boisterous are your words that flows from your lips

I – Intelligence is your way its just the action that plays

O – Outstanding are the features on your face the beauty spots and freckles are glowing in the dark

G – Gigantic is your stature it’s very rare

R – Robust is your voice it echoes every where

A – ambitious are your poise it captivates the wise

P – pretentious are your ways, it cannot hide

H – Happy you seems on a cold winters day

Y – Young and vibrant you are always ready to go

O – Often seen as a ghost roaming around

F – Full of energy yet conservative

A – Always about getting what you want

F – faultless and with out blame you grace the world

A – Affirmative and bold not withstanding fame

C – Careful as can be always safe

E – Enjoy the life you have been blessed with daily, in grace and humor.

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