2020 – let’s try this again!

Well, last time I only made it through twelve hours of the 24. Let’s give it one more try! Looking forward to another attempt!

Darlington Covered Bridge – Darlington Indiana

5 thoughts on “2020 – let’s try this again!

  1. This is the first time that I will be doing this. I love to write and with the Chronic illness I have, it should not be to bad.

    I do not always sleep lol. I think this is going to be interesting to. I hope you all have a good time writing.

    Thank, You.

  2. Last time I participated was in, oh gosh, 2016! I never got all of those poems posted. I wrote 24 in 24, but only posted half of them… This year I wrote the 24 in 24 and ALL have been posted! And apparently Im on a writing jag now as I have written a few more! I may have to post those to my personal blog space!

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