A marvelous soul enjoyment



I write what marvels my soul

Delightful encounters of my own being shared

In the poetical expression of each flavors like fruits

Luminescence of insects marvels my soul

Engaging much to enjoyable phases

Truly illuminating the pleasure of simple person desires

Totally an engagement to marvel about the life ‘s stories

Communing in the communication of poetical artisan

Sharing the world in fast paced reality

Taking a break from its wonderment and merriment

What then life today meant for me?

A question with a simple answer to any person

Just simply doing it and realizing it

Life connectors of marvelous happenstances

Enlivening the tapestry of life universe

A realized person captivating into an existence


Prompt # 4 Hour # 03

11:00 PM PHT 22/06/2019

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