Hour Three-


she soaked her dreams, yearnings, anxieties, and hunger

in the aroma of mulberry paper- her favorite

among other aromas spicy, torrid, arid, humid and provocative.


her unbounded spirit and hunger savor cactuses, orchids and ambrosia-

between mythical pauses: her spiritual cauldron persists

against dominance- a mix tape of dissonance and resonance

{cultural mitosis} {transgressions}


provoked from centuries after centuries- she is ‘reborn’ as a Bennu- a bird

with voracious hunger from which sprouts thousands of fireflies-


like a suckling seedling, she breathes in sprigs, herbs, bones,

carcasses, cactus thorns, poison ivies, and tumbleweeds


{leftovers} Karmic deeds

Nirvana {cigarette smoke rings}

Copyrighted by Ruchi Chopra, 2017.

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