An artist- a graffiti for appraisal
a solicitous effort to mend a chaos
White noise- a concoction of idiosyncrasies and vulnerabilities.

How to break this inertia?
Graffiti languishing in a loop- not a loop of Henle but maybe a loop of Karma?

You need a better word for it…
Break this inertia!

Our appetites feeds on raven-
Flushed out in Marshland.
Puncture wounds in the left-hand swallow the whole reality
Thoughts outpours seeped deep into the pink veins

Graffiti injected with the gigantic dope
Truth or chaos?
Can’t an artist fathom such things in delusion or a fugue state?

Graffiti {{Liberty}} {{freedom}} {{peace}} in a crowded LA street.
Where does the inspiration come from?
-the moldy scriptures, lethargies or oxidized ruminations
scribbled on the museum’s walls- “legacy and cultural renaissance.”

A dissonance is heard
a placid shriek
sound coming from the instrument resembling Taonga pūoro
Echo words {{{breathe}}}

Graffiti cemented in the pile of concrete walls
and landscapes
the city skyline and horizon looks dimmer than before.

The last night frazzled me out; the blushing Victorian street lamps merging dots of lights;

as I closed my eyes to end my fugue state.

The next morning, I wake up in the cozy bed of my elegant LA surroundings;

while half-asleep paintings gawked at me.

3-D Cubes in my mojito and everything goes back to monochrome again.

graffiti spotted in the LA city.
Ricochet {{{inertia}}} {{{three olives Vodka}}}

Copyrighted by Ruchi Chopra, 2017.

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