Orangutans like tomato fries

the red red link
tomato sink
helping hand

Row row rowing
down the sidewalk
of this neighborhood

Stranger strangers coming,
drumming, singing
running to Lincoln

Tornadoes have warnings
blaring and warning
turn away warning
Run to your basements warnings

Go strangle
a green triangle
poking up the way
away from the hay

where you could kick it
wick, feather
or air mat

Slope up to the sky
with no alibi
today is not exciting
with the holes closed up

Wake up
three for two sicks one
mean doggie
combustible saliva spatter

Wipe your face
it coats the eyes
blink blink blink

All it was
some vacation lies
silly tomato fries
big surprise.

2 thoughts on “Orangutans like tomato fries

  1. a air alibi all and away
    basements big blaring blink
    cauterize closed coats combustible coming could
    doggie down drumming
    entangling exciting eyes
    face feather for fries from
    go green
    hand have hay helping holes
    is it
    lies Lincoln link
    mat mean
    Nebraska neighborhood no not
    of one or
    red row rowing
    run running
    saliva sicks sidewalk silly singing sink sky slap slope some spatter stranger strangle surprise
    the this three to today tomato tornadoes triangle turn two
    wake warning was way where wick wipe with
    you your

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