Unfurl – hour 8

Hour 8, Prompt 8





the unsettling rose upward

with tumult unfolding within


pressing, pushing, unfurling

frozen potential caught swirling

amid darkness and frustration curling


a great, dark swelling of intent

mixed with cellular structure


rent asunder and over under

held against pressure of eons


as if the ground could reach into

the unsettling rising upward


with great, dark swelling of intent

in the depth of dirt and mud and crust

reaching, stretching for what it must


with melting snow giving way

to purple crocus unfurling to the sun

One thought on “Unfurl – hour 8

  1. Super impressed how you managed to keep to the form but it didn’t seem forced or detract from the beauty and flow of your poem. You use some very beautiful images and kept my attention till the end.

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