22. COVID-19

The verdict is not out. It is not necessarily a zombie virus but it might as well be.

Is it strictly respiratory?

It can cause strokes and cardiac complications?

In the elderly, babies, and the youth?

What do we believe?

Do we wear the fashionable mask, or the N95?

Is it a matter of what we can afford or the supply and demand?

Have we truly forgotten to wash our hands?

I always took off my shoes.

This is not new.

It only feels strange to wash groceries paper plastic metal fruit vegetable or anything in between.

Gloves to move about I still struggle with as I visit each store with a mask muffling my word no problems as it is a sign of mutual respect.

Only as I walk or run do I no longer see anyone wearing a mask , now not even me.

These have become our outer accoutrements to stop the spread of a deadly disease that continues to grow, lawyers for the most part most of us seem unafraid. We seem unaccepting of its deadly raid on society. We feel invincible . Both young and old take chances because we feel healthy and strong. Not knowing Covid finds our weakness and unravels our health if we are not careful.

In its path we are rendered helpless.  To be intubated is to pierce the esophagus to help the breath the most sacred of our human rights.


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