Lazy Writer’s Syndrome

Greetings, salutations, and for those of you across the world! Bienvenidos/buenas dias, bien joue, ciao, and many other greetings!


My name is Sara, and I was a participant of the 2015 24-Hour Poetry Marathon. Now, sadly, due to work and other beastlies, I have deduced my time to 12 hours, however I will gladly give out free constructive criticism and free reviews! (such a deal, amiright?)


Er… a bit about myself, huh?


I’m a proud single mum to one furless toddler, and part-time Momma to two furred, four-legged ones. I live and contrive mischief with my own mom, Tracy, and we often consort of world dominion plans over tea and crisps. I am an intense lover of all things related to Britain(called anglophilia), am obsessed with all things weird and wonderful and drink my coffee black. As my soul.


I’m a happy ball of sunshine in a crazy packet, so don’t mind me when I ramble! Might I say hello to you all, and I can’t wait to see the turnout of the 2016 24-Hour Poetry Marathon!


Much love,

Sara <3

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