We Two Fools, a sestina

I hope you can forgive
a devious sense of humor
which can, or will delight
in that lovely presence,
now, if only you remember
us two fools grinning.

And while we are grinning
I hope you’ll forgive
that I can remember
your own gentle humor
at my disheveled presence
and obvious delight.

And to this delight
for which I’m clearly grinning
At your new presence
You seem to forgive
my weird brand of humor
And oh! I also remember..

Or at least think I remember
that midnight sweet delight
touched by your sweet humor
those lips temptingly grinning
but of course you’ll forgive
my flustering presence.

And what presence
can’t I remember?
Please do forgive.
This tonight delight
is graced by grinning
fools with love’s humor.

and that love’s humor
is given a presence
of two grinning
friends who can remember
a lover’s delight
which time can forgive.

But your lovely soul humor I will always remember
that true, luminary presence, my own true delight.
You leave me standing, grinning. A temptation I can forgive.

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