Hour 9

I Know This Much Is True


I am surrounded by lies and liars.


My social security number has not, in fact, been frozen,

and I cannot lose weight by giving up bananas.


The president will not help me buy a home.

The government responsible is exactly who you think it is,

and not the one on the news.


Don’t be tiresome! And don’t be greedy.


I can’t get sculpted abs or better orgasms

by the end of this week. There are no aliens here.


And if he doesn’t love me today, then this trick

will not bring him ’round to it. Believe me,

I tried.


We are not amused.


My soul is not at risk, nor my job or savings.

There is no “Agenda.”


I have heard the Good News, and honestly,

I have heard better. This God of theirs

holds too many bizzare opinions about my behavior.


Keep it to yourself, if you please.


I have seen enough, heard enough,

I know this much is true:


the arc of the crows’ flight as they wing toward their roost

calling to each other as the sun sets: “come home, come home”

is the geometry of Diogenes’s lantern.


There is no such honesty in Man.

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