Hour One

An Invocation



Air, the wind in your hair and breath in your lungs

recalls my scent to you, across the miles

carries my voice to your ears,



Fire, the sun on your face,

the heat of your skin and in your sex

recalls my touch to you

conveys my desire



Water, the rain on your cheek

the rush of the river, the suck of the sea

the thrum of blood in your veins and seed in your loins

recalls the pull of me to you

delivers the tears of my heart



Earth, where your feet are planted,

the stone and metal of the walls where you live

the gravel and soil, concrete and rock

the bones in your body

recalls the steps we took together,

conveys my steadfast will



Love, by the maelstrom and the gale

by lightning strike and lava flow

by the rising river, by tidal wave

by sundering ground and falling walls

by all the chaos of my shattered world

I cry, across Armageddon itself:


Come back to me

come back to me


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