Poem21/24 “Sir Walter Scott”



Who came out from the west

Through all the wide broad sword

His steed was the best

Lochinvar is a great knight

Who came from other country

He travelled alone

In his knight he rode alone

He has nothing but a sword

That anyone consider his steed was the best

He rode to travel to see Ellen’s wed

Who must be married to a wrong man

When he arrived, Ellen was shocked

Does Lochinvar came for a celebration or for trouble?

Lochinvar took a goblet of wine

Ellen tossed their glass

As Lochinvar kiss her

And it is about the mother of Ellen saw

And tried to stop them

Lochinvar took ellen for a dance

And between the crowds they gone

And no one knows where they go

But a knight to remember so

That this young man owe Ellen’s love

This is the poem I can’t forget

Written by Sir Walter scott


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