“I’m A Poet”


Dedicated: To ALL POETS around the globe. Most especially to PENTASIAN POETS

(Photo taken from:Ms. Suzette)




When poets unwind

They truly explore

To reach the edge of the horizon

Search, meet strangers as family

Where words value, kept as treasure

Saved in every single moment


Those unforgettable moment

Those risky things unwind

Those most precious treasure

Expand twinkling as it explore

Cultivating soul in every family

Not giving up staring the horizon


Almost at the edge of the horizon

Fragile, difficult, risky each moment

Tears may flow, no one to embrace a family

Scattered teardrops fall unwind

Need to sacrifice, take the risk, explore

Hoping in the end, there is treasure


Finding a treasure

Won’t see, need to take the obstacles across the horizon

Need to dream, need to believe, need to plan to explore

Value each single moment

For every single moment unwind

There, can find true family


Not a real family, but a bountiful home of family

More than a treasure

Wrap, fold, unwind

In different edge of the horizon

Uncounted moment

Shared happiness, love and moment to explore


Keep on the eye to explore

Value every single bountiful home of family

Treasured every single moment

Most especially, a love to be treasure

Across the horizon

Unforgettable moments to unwind


In life, we unwind, to struggle, sacrifice, and explore.


Keep on dreaming to reach the edge of the horizon, don’t give up, there are people who waits for us, our family.


There’s a lot of things to be treasure, but the most of it can’t be value by money, and the most memorable – unforgettable ones are those moment.


(C)seth:kw:23:18:june15,2015:ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


“A Poem to REMEMBER:being A mArAtHoNeR”


In that straight

More than 24hours awake

Studying sentina

And working household chores

As well as to calm the mind

And relax the heart

My mind stocked to understand

What sentina is

And the clock comes lesser

To write, I have none

I’m about to stop

My mind says hop

My bed says come

My heart says write

I focused

I focused in my heart

And I followed each hole

I was challenged

Not because there were writers better than I

Not because I was a new comer in this race

It is because, here I saw diverged

Every single Tictac of the clock

A pen’s value in tact

And soul to rock

My shadow walked

As I stood

I’m done

I can’t imagine

How I finished the game

Its not just a game but a plan

An undreamed run

A memorable ground


(C)seth:kw:13:46:june15,2015:ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Poem24/24 “sLeEp”

Oh! Those sleepless night

Awake waiting for a knight

Hoping he will come at right

When open the light

He will by my side

Wrap in his arms to hide 

Oh! Those lovely Nightingale

Humming my favorite song

In this night

I close the light 

Think about my knight

Still hoping for tomorrow’s site

I embrace my pillow

As I covered my body with blanket 

So cold, so cold, that I didn’t see my knight

Can’t sleep right away

I heard a magical voice play

My favorite hymn sway

I stood up! Run through the window

Hoping the knight was that

Oh! I’ve seen no one but a shadow

Of those stars twinkling my sorrow

Oh! I just dreamt!

Wake me up before I believe!

Poem23/24 “Doubts??”

Do you believe in God?

If yes, have you seen God?

If no, then why do you believe that there is God?


How deep or big is your faith?

You don’t know?

Then how would you believe that there is God by faith?


Have you seen love?

If no, then how would you believe that there is God by love?

You don’t know?

To tell you what, it the feeling that love conquers all

If you felt love to God

A Faith will stand

God is like your goal

You are trying to reach but when your faith collides

You won’t feel love but doubt

You have to be patient to feel, to love, to wait

So that your faith will be strong and firm

To reach the goal you dream

Poem23/24 “A dOuBtEr”

A doubter needs:





And faith

That can feel when it comes nearly end

Don’t give up, just take a rest

You can reach your goal, if you don’t doubt


Poem22/24 “tRuE LoVE”

Love is a magical word

Where two person felt a love in their heart

Even how far each other

They will sacrifice to find ways to embrace

There’ll be people around who’s envy

Making stories from one person to another

Making those couple separate

With no specific reason to take

What about those vows?

Those promises?

Its just like that!

From a one envy family nor friend

A tongue can ruin one love

Yes! They are separated!

And those people around them cheer!

Ola! At lastt! That girl is a slut!

And you don’t deserve her!

The girl, named Maria walked away

Still hoping for the love she play

And the boy named Mario find another wife

That his family accept

He don’t love the second wife

He also long for the love he play

He seek Maria

He found, but

Maria doesn’t want to live with him

In order to avoid gossips and trouble

Yes! They are separated

Yet, a very good communication they kept

A string of “love”

They use to play

Within those vows, and promises,

Along those wrinkled bruises

They separate

They communicate

They love




Poem21/24 “Sir Walter Scott”



Who came out from the west

Through all the wide broad sword

His steed was the best

Lochinvar is a great knight

Who came from other country

He travelled alone

In his knight he rode alone

He has nothing but a sword

That anyone consider his steed was the best

He rode to travel to see Ellen’s wed

Who must be married to a wrong man

When he arrived, Ellen was shocked

Does Lochinvar came for a celebration or for trouble?

Lochinvar took a goblet of wine

Ellen tossed their glass

As Lochinvar kiss her

And it is about the mother of Ellen saw

And tried to stop them

Lochinvar took ellen for a dance

And between the crowds they gone

And no one knows where they go

But a knight to remember so

That this young man owe Ellen’s love

This is the poem I can’t forget

Written by Sir Walter scott


Poem20/24 “Your Hand In Mine” by:Explosions In The Sky

I hear your voice

Calling me in the midst

That breaks the noise

Of silent at ease


Don’t be afraid

Don’t be scared

I’m just here

Watching you near


Its time for you to run

After a long walked you’ve done

Time to spend your time

In yourself, in my hand


Can’t loose you

Can’t live without you

Reach out my hand

Your hand in mine


Things may change

Into His time will range

Generations to generations preach

His good words won’t change


Don’t cry

Don’t sigh

I’m here to love you

Your hand in mine


Your precious hand

I will take care until end

Until no one but you and I

I kept, your hand in mine


Where we found love in His hand

He gave me tour hand

To protect you, and love you

Your hand in mine


I keep softly, gently your fine hands

To let my hands hold you till end

Of my heart beat, I said

Your hand in mine


Till no tomorrow’s

Flashed clouds

I will love you across

Where your eyes can reach and lost


Your hand in mine

I kept it, a sign

To let your love be kept

Eternally wept


I love you

Your hand in mine

Will become a precious vine

Your hand in mine

Poem19/24 “The White Silence” by:Jack London

Carmen wanted to shave

Mason whose hair so long

Using a wax but she was afraid

A white silence came near

Sounds so ridiculous

Attacks no hear

Knowing fear

Malemute kid hold the trigger

There was a sharp report

Mason swung into his aerial sepulcher

Malemute Kid lashed the dogs into a wild gallop

As if fled across the snow

Poem18/24 “Paddle Your OWN CaNoE”

An own hardship

Is better than a help to save your ship

So you maybe able to be proud

For your own self, no doubt

You will not be able to hear

Words from those who helped you 

In case you failed them

Its better to your own abilities

There , you will be able to find out

Your capabilities

Your strength

Your patient

Your love to do the things you can

Your love to do the things you can’t

And you will learn

To develop yourself

You will be able to stand firm

You will be tough

You will be strong enough

To face those people who had rejected

And those people who had helped you

In words, let me tell you

”Paddle your own canoe”

No matter what is the circumstances are

No matter how difficult those obstacles 

No matter how huge those stormy waves

No matter what happen

Keep paddling

Your own canoe

For whatever will be the result

You will regret no one

It is YOU who paddled

It is YOU who will give a life

In times that you can’t paddle

Any longer

Don’t stop, take a rest

God will help you

To paddle tour own canoe

As long as you trust

In His promise

That He will never leave you


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