Poem10/24 “Autobiography Of A Face”

a face which God molded and given a loveĀ 

a new technology ruined, unloved

tattoos as art spreading onto

earrings anywhere hung too

nor make-up brush coarse

with different colors

with different styles

to make beautiful

think so beautiful in front of the mirror

cut-off the fats

surgical can patch

wearing a technological face

could change the very good behavior

into a worsen one

looking other’s from head to foot

seems like never been ugly like moth

insults, bully, were worn

are you not contented?

still undergo technological wasted?

surgical needed?

nor skin removed?

do you think you are beautifulĀ 

changing what God has given?

i wish you could change your life

your bad manners in a minute as how

you change your face

i would rather love your ugly face

wearing your beautiful heart

in front of the mirror you are loved

rather than having your transformed surgical face

wearing no love but full of insults

in front of the mirror you are dead

because you don’t have love

you don’t love God

because if you does,

you are good

you won’t transformed into a technological face

you won’t waste money and time

you won’t waste your face

you won’t waste your life

you won’t waste God


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