Poem16/24 “Sentina”

I wish I could turn back the time

When I let those opportunity pass by, I turn

My back and surf those huge stormy waves

That I lost myself and waiting to rise

To light my meticulous page

Where I can breath and flow


I just let those good moments flow

I wasted time

Yet, still clearing my page

Because I can’t go on and turn

So I may rise

From those huge stormy waves


It makes me strong those huge stormy waves

I found my life’s contentment flow

And in that, I thank, they may rise

In His time

He don’t let me turn

From my dusty page


I change my dusty into a meticulous one page

Where in I could tell to anyone what I went through the waves

So they might know how it’s difficult to turn

So they might knew, I changed my flow

And value my time

To see the sun rise


That keeps me rise

And keeps telling how fragile my page

Take time

To watch out the waves

Learn more to flow

Walk straight, no regret, no turn


Its hard to decide and regret with no turn

Better to think trice to rise

Go with the flow

Whatever I have in every page

Will always meet the waves

Unto desired time


Time counts life, value every moment,I might not know, I may not be able to turn

Along those huge stormy waves, God never left me. He save me and He help me to rise

Thank You for changing my page into a better one, where I can go with the flow



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