Poem20/24 “Your Hand In Mine” by:Explosions In The Sky

I hear your voice

Calling me in the midst

That breaks the noise

Of silent at ease


Don’t be afraid

Don’t be scared

I’m just here

Watching you near


Its time for you to run

After a long walked you’ve done

Time to spend your time

In yourself, in my hand


Can’t loose you

Can’t live without you

Reach out my hand

Your hand in mine


Things may change

Into His time will range

Generations to generations preach

His good words won’t change


Don’t cry

Don’t sigh

I’m here to love you

Your hand in mine


Your precious hand

I will take care until end

Until no one but you and I

I kept, your hand in mine


Where we found love in His hand

He gave me tour hand

To protect you, and love you

Your hand in mine


I keep softly, gently your fine hands

To let my hands hold you till end

Of my heart beat, I said

Your hand in mine


Till no tomorrow’s

Flashed clouds

I will love you across

Where your eyes can reach and lost


Your hand in mine

I kept it, a sign

To let your love be kept

Eternally wept


I love you

Your hand in mine

Will become a precious vine

Your hand in mine

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