Shadowed By the Moon – Prompt 10, 10th Hour

10th Hour

Shadowed by the Moon – Prompt 10
I am shadowed by the Moon,
when she beckons me to share her journey,
I follow her lead.
She has no eyes that she may see,
I try desperately to keep up,
but almost circumspectly,
She knows where I am.

Bouncing over Mountains and Skyscrapers,
as if she knows the height and breadth
of every milepost that greets her in the sky.
The Moon has no tongue and she never lies.

The Moon staggers not at the Glaciers,
or the cold they impart,
without legs nothing impedes her performance,
She knows her way around from finish to start.

Never stopping or looking back,
she never leaves me or gets off track.
The Moons shadows me.


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