Strange Food, Prompt 9 – 9th Hour

9th Hour

Strange Food – Prompt 9


I saw a firefly zoom by me,

as if he were invited to drink and eat,

of the porridge I just cooked.

An aroma of unknown fare,

captured his attention so much so,

he was not aware that I was there,

wearing a mask, in my favorite seat!


There, on the patio of my cottage,

I sat basking in the warmth of Summer’s heat,

as usual, drinking a cold bottle of Pepsi Cola.


He begin to appear lethargic,

flitting back and forth,

from the yard to the treeline,

trying to locate this exotic plant,

that produced this strange food,

and  almost caused him to lose his way.


Flying forward, buzzing backward,

wings flapping at an inordinate rate,

he paused in mid-air,

realizing he was just confused,

and baffled by the hot summer day!

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