7 DAYS of MAGIC with You  (24/7, 365)

Meet me in the hallway

Open the door to my complicated

Neglect it, no, protect it

Dance in the bare soul steps

Always okay with the pace

Yearning to go a step further, together


Tempt me to trust you

Understanding begets unification

Engaging our hearts to taste

Serenade the in between of my

Disappointment until my diss has a standing

Appointment with your deliciousness

Yield to the good and the plenty


Whisk up the compromise

Ending any argument with rekindling

Dripping with aggressive behavior

Not the combative kind, the make-moves kind

Enter my confusion each time it presents itself

Stay long enough to right every wrong

Didn’t even create them, but kind enough to right them

And you do it because you love my imperfections

You know the feeling is mutually exclusive


Touch my mediocrity

Heal my wounded spirit,

Undo my stifling guilt,

Ride the waves of trepidation

Stand in the rain of my pain

Date my hang ups, until they hang up

Activate my whole self to love your whole self

Yesterday, today and a forever of tomorrows


Feel the future, brightly shining

Reminiscent of sunsets that never set

Impaired vision fixer

Daydream and goal chaser elixir

Archived in the records of love’s vinyl

Yet in heavy rotation on the airwaves


Speak in a lover’s tongue

Anoint my hard head with a forgiving oil

Taint my misplaced expectations with your truth

Until your truth is easily my own

Renditions of a masterpiece unfolding

Deals made in the dark,

Appear to manifest in the dark

You aren’t afraid of what’s under my bed


Stay here in this space with me

Until the very last breath has been expelled

Never let go of the promise you made

Don’t dare give in to temptations

Alas I will ride this thing out with

You, and give you the offerings of me, unconditionally


7 DAYS of MAGIC with You  (24/7, 365)

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