Prompt 10: Praise Working title: Psalm from Shannon

O Lord how awesome is Your work

Your infinite details in my life

Your words fill my chambers like books

That I love to read and like music

That I love to hear, on repeat

How does your majesty fill the space of my depravity

where redemption and forgiveness meet on the road

How gracious and kind are You, just and merciful too

You love without condition, heal without favoritism

For you care for your child, and the orphan

Lord you know my needs before I speak, your attentiveness

knows no bounds

You know my heart before it breaks, your compassion

fails  me not

You know my tears, each one as they fall in a sea that is vast

and wide

Yet you still have peace to blanket me, each night that I cry

Praise can’t help but escape my lips, falling like dew from the leaf

Your strength made perfect in my weakness, oh what a relief

Amazing are your works, that continue day by day

Counting it all joy, O Lord, is my Psalm of praise today.


FJ original 2016

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