The Colorful Way the Child in me Loves… Let me count the ways …. 120 ways

I taste the richness of your MAHOGANY skin

Bask in the FUZZY WUZZY BROWN of your glow

Stare into your CHESTNUT eyes

And see the RED ORANGE of your ancestry,

The expanse of what makes you SUNSET ORANGE beautiful

Your MELON is a compliment to your melanin

The OUTRAGEOUS ORANGE of your bravado that I drink in

Until I see VIVID TANGERINE kisses with no tongue

BURNT SIENNA upon your flesh after we lay in the sun

BROWN is beautiful but an understatement to what is you

SEPIA seeps into your feet that you carry in your shoes

Picking the ORANGE of your smile in a crowded room

And when you see me, how your BURNT ORANGE blooms

The amazing COPPER of your people, your ancestry

Mixed with the MANGO TANGO of your immediate family

Introduce me to the matriarch ATOMIC TANGERINE

And the patriarch BEAVER as he adores his lovely queen

They lay down ANTIQUE BRASS and create a scene

In the DESERT SAND of a lover’s dream

The RAW SIENNA of your high cheekbones stand out

The TUMBLEWEED is a beautiful thing, to be talking about

Like how when you TAN, new heights you seem to reach

Your flesh hairy and amazingly beautiful like a PEACH

Around the table of love, second help of MACARONI and CHEESE

From Aunt APRICOT who always aims to please

That NEON CARROT cake that never disappoints

And the ALMOND incense that fills up the joint

YELLOW ORANGE bellows down the hall

As the sun sets and GOLD lit the sky in the final call

The beauty is in the SHADOW of that sight

As the BANANA MANIA of the little people rises at night

You read a story that makes your niece and newphew SUNGLOW

The dimpled GOLDENROD of their whole hearts show

In those moments, I’d be DANDELION if I didn’t  you

That you happened to YELLOW across my heart and let me grow

We chase the highs of the each day’s GREEN YELLOW

And lay in the SPRING GREEN of tonight’s mellow

It makes the OLIVE GREEN of your hard work so attractive

And how you attack the LASER LEMON of life, proactive

Nothing is ever to hard to UNMELLOW YELLOW,

Never one to raise your voice, your CANARY can yel-low

You have the keen ability to INCH WORM into my spirit

Calm the ASPARAGUS of butterflies fluttering, do you hear it?

Your lips taste like my GRANNY SMITH APPLE

The ELECTRIC LIME in the receiving line at the chapel

Has me SCREAMIN GREEN when I need to see your face

The FERN flows from your mouth at a steady pace

We embrace every FOREST GREEN thing that is thrown at us

Even when it makes us sick to even have to SEA GREEN cuss

Trips to the MOUNTAIN MEADOW of a long weekend

The SHAMROCK is just our luck, lovers and friends

Each time we cross the JUNGLE GREEN of this here life

You are the happiest CARIBBEAN GREEN with a queen as


I am her, and she is the PINE GREEN in me

You trace your seed, makes our ROBIN EGG, BLUE

AQUAMARINE fills the space used to make love

Lying on the floor of TURQUOISE BLUE below

Only to graze at the SKY BLUE up above

Your love rockets me to OUTER SPACE

In between the BLUE GREEN of an out-of-body place

Is this really the expanse of the emotional PACIFIC BLUE

So melodic, this CERULEAN, reminders of me and you

Legs strong like the stalks of a CORNFLOWER

As the MIDNIGHT BLUE in the midnight sky in the midnight hour

Propels us to tell the truth in the worst NAVY BLUE

Anything that gets me out my DENIM and on top of you

A BLUE Monday of memories, a weekend has passed

I want you to PERIWINKLE the twinkle out my a$$

I assumed as a CADET BLUE we would keep it pg

Knowing the pep of my INDIGO feet, follow your lead

You are the stop of my WILD BLUE YONDER

Basking in the MANATEE MAGIC, take a minute to ponder

How at the ding of your BLUE BELL

You pump me with more seed, to make my BLUE VIOLET swell

That in turn makes my PURPLE HEART swell

We are the kind of ROYAL PURPLE that seeps in the cracks

With the PURPLE MOUNTAIN’S MAJESTY across our backs

Never met a VIOLET (PURPLE) whose melanin lacked

A cut above the others, WISTERIA soul that can’t be jacked

In the VIVID VIOLET of my mind I knew it, that someday

I had to infuse ya, the way FUSCHIA made a way

For your spoken word to make a SHOCKING PINK

In the PINK FLAMINGO room where the conscious go to think

And expand, sipping our PLUM wine

Me on the stage in my HOT MAGENTA, trying to make you mine

The PURPLE PIZAZZ of my boldness

Only fuels the fire, and confirms that RAZZLE DAZZLE ROSE officially owns it

Room full of a fragrant ORCHID

No one can ever do my RED VIOLET the way you did

And the way your EGGPLANT do what it always do

Tears of CERISE when you slide on through

WILD STRAWBERRY candles set the mod every time

Picking up the MAGENTA of another dope rhyme

Locked and loaded in my LAVENDER fields

You allow yourself to explore the COTTON CANDY in my hills

The way I turn every VIOLET RED trick

Enter the folds of my CARNATION PINK and allow me to swallow the d!ck

RAZZMATAZZ in the motion of what lovers really do

My PIGGY PINK will never ever tire of the whole of you

Your flaws taste like JAZZBERRY JAM , I better hush

Each time I speak of our love, my melanin…BLUSH

If they were misinformed, you really TICKLE ME PINK

Manifested in the scope of my PINK SHERBET, you I only drink

MAROON volumes of your right hemisphere quickly create

The amazing RED, and the RADICAL RED is best to date

MAUVELOUS across my body like stretch marks

Extracting the wetness of my WILD WATERMELON parks

I again blush SCARLET

I wasn’t your wife, I’d be s SALMON harlot

BRICK RED, stay on 10 only for you

Knowing with this garden variety, plain WHITE could never do

But I release your inner TIMBERWOLF in the dead of night

I send myself into SILVER shivers in the heat of moon light

Just like that, we return to our 120 shades including GRAY

That decadence of our intertwined BLACK bodies as we lay

in the wake of our unrequited love.


FJ original 2016

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