The haunting truth – prompt 16

I loved you, more than you’ll ever know.

foolish girl, how could you fall for him

didn’t history repeat itself for you enough

didn’t you know this journey would be harder

yet you wanted to run along that river of trepidation


at any rate

gathering sticks and stones, clutching you heart

and breastbone wondering if he’d do right by you

because in all these years, has anyone but you

done right by you, oh my foolish girl

you want to bring fantasies into a cruel harsh world

maybe in the next lifetime you’ll kiss frogs

and won’t get warts, maybe there will be princes

and castles and hearts won’t get hurt by

step-sisters and step-mothers who mean you no harm

what does that translate into in this day and age

locked up hearts like caged animals and

no glass slipper seems to fit you right

but you still threw caution to the wind

and went all in for an amazing fight

love is a losing game

and sadly that

foolish girl lost her life  loving the wrong man

her tombstone read

I loved you, much more┬áthan you’ll ever know


FJ original 2016




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