The Night is For Sleeping

The day is long

as the night is young

The music serenades

my ears as the tea

warms my throat

Chai for the win

22 hours later

and I still can’t find

the allusive sleep

that keeps my insanity

away and my

days from feeling

like torture

so I write and I read

and I write some more

about love unfound

and time that flies

when you’re having fun

or something like that

Indian spices swirl across

my tongue and I hum

to the sounds of

a Neo-Soul mix tap

seeping with Indie R&B

newcomers, the

mood is just right

for an all nighter

but the midnight oil

is about to run out

because the sun setting

rising and setting yet again

indicates that I’ve been

awake far too long

and it’s time to lay

these bones down

running on auto pilot

and copious amounts

of caffeine

exhaustion wins



FJ original 2016

One thought on “The Night is For Sleeping

  1. I think you could tweak it so we don;y have to think of the marathon. Good visit inside you at the moment.
    short lines jeep it going going wiyh some of the nerbous brittle energy.
    See possible typo tap for tape

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