I’m looking forward to flexing my poetry muscles.

I’m an English teacher in Worcestershire, England. I have recently completed a first draft of my first novel and am currently in the editing phase- which is taking me considerably longer than it did to write it. That said, I’ve taken on a few writing challenges this year in order to get the novel finished, including writing from a shepherd’s hut, and from a Romany caravan- in complete isolation.

The enjoyment of writing, for me, is in being able to block out the rest of the world and lose oneself in the world you create. I will be using meditation to help me do this for the marathon.

Poetry is not my strong point, however, and usually when I write poetry, I spend far too long on it and never feel happy with the result; that is why I’m putting myself through this!

Will look forward to reading some of your poems.

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    1. Hi Alora,
      Yes, it’s a long job isn’t it. A friend gave me a deadline and that helped but I still stand no chance of meeting it. We have reached a compromise and I am sending him the novel in instalments- gaining valuable feedback.
      He gave me some more valuable advice yesterday: to stop yourself dwelling too much on the finer details of your current project, start work on another one. This seems like odd logic but I can see his point and I have started planning subsequent novels. Good luck with it! 🙂

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