The Gypsy Curse

Everything shimmers and floats,

In a Glastonbury caravan

Where I had my runes read for fun.

Heeding a dizzy sensation

As I entered the little room,

I sat on the little stool.

And was told my questions wanted answers,

But I couldn’t think- of whom?


She summoned up a terrible thing,

Lava red- adorned with bony spears on his head.

Puffing as it spoke, so rings of smoke

filled the room, and fire leapt in the glowing gloom.


“And what is it you’ve come to know?” He said.

“Do you desire power- over the winds that blow?

Over the moon that shines and the grasses that grow

Or do you just want to bend the minds of men?


Because we can make a deal, you know!”

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