Reflection by Poetry

Sunsets and rainy days
Sunsets beg reflection
Reflection upon the water
Reflection invites collecting
Collecting copper coins
Collecting the day’s joy
Joy abounds
Joy found in moments
Moments like these
Moments lead to the unexpected
Unexpected treasures
Unexpected yet more
More than laughter
More of what I need
Need is so fleeting
Need to mark time
Time for dreaming
Time takes up space
Space ships to the moon
Space between here and there
There upon murky water
There is less and less
Less is more
Less to regret
Regret what happened
Regret only mistakes
Mistakes or missteps
Mistakes are made
Made of glass
Made to be broken
Broken down car
Broken dreams
Dreams get forgotten
Dreams of a shadow
Shadow or mine
Shadow of what’s to be
Be your own boss
Be appreciated
Appreciated like magic
Appreciated the step
Step right on up
Step over the losses
Losses of vision
Losses offer learning
Learning to read
Learning about poetry
Poetry in motion
Poetry forms

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