I remember the long summers,
The short winters and days that passed in a blur.
What seemed like an ending was actually the birth of something new.
Death signifies the start of something new.

The entire universe is a mass of energy —
Energy that flows in you and me.
We are the light years and the black holes,
We are the undiscovered planets and, shattered stars.

Our emotions, our movements, our words,
Are all,predetermined by the energy flowing
Between the different worlds.
They took birth inside us at the beginning of time.

Oceans move according to the pull of the moon.
Beings are influenced by the movement of planets.
We are all connected more than we think
So why this idea that life only exists on earth?

Energy can take birth anywhere in the universe.
Life exists in all shapes and sizes.
What matters is how we plant the seeds
That give birth to the future.

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