Too Good

When it looks and feels too good to be true most likely it is
Never fall for the smooth words he tells you
Sometime you might need to question your heart and go with your gut feeling
Never let your guard down once you do it easy to fall for the lies or blind you from the truth
Never put your all into something even if it feels real especially if you have a little doubt
Never put your trust is someone who could eventually break your heart
Never fall in love with someone whose not capable of loving you
Never believe someone who makes you feel like what you have will never end because that’s not reality
Ppl get bored and then they become unfaithful
Never open up because once you do thats when you become valuable and that’s when the boogeyman can take advantage of your heart.
Never fall into their trap because they will tear you apart mentally, physically, emotionally and you’re left with nothing
Just your broken heart and pain

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