H.14 – Spiritearth

I have always belonged to the wild,

my legs seeking the solitude of long

grasses and bracken ferns, the queitness

of a forest full birds singing, the touch

of bark as I brushed against the landscape.

My eyes have never seen anything more

honest than the leaf, felt such strength,

such hope between my fingers. This

place is love, the smell of love, I feel it

seeping in. filling the empty places

left from town living, from to many

people, from a prison of expectation,

more and more, I shrink there my

mind brimming with nonsance, with

fear, so every morning l rise and go

home to the forest, to her songs

for my heart has always known

how to speak tree, how to taste

love, and my body knows how to

belong, for here l soar like a bird,


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