Pebbles in the lake


She’s there
In a scene straight from Frost :
‘Between the woods and the frozen lake’
Throwing pebbles
In despair,
Wondering where it’s all going to lead…

The guns, the rage, the hurt,
The heartache
Of not being master
Of your own fate!
She looks up, wet-cheeked
At the enormous, all knowing sky
As if, any moment it’s going to burst into speech!

The evening turns to dusk
A sweet scent of jasmine fills her
She’s still there, looking for crumbs of hope,
In the twilight
Abuzz with
Fleeting fireflies.

The glow must hold some meaning,
For she comes away
Feeling comforted,

Her cat feels it
As she strokes his furry head
Purring away in pleasure.


Smeetha, responding to Prompt 2.

2 thoughts on “Pebbles in the lake

    1. Thank you very much Jacob,
      Am over the moon!

      Very glad to have done this…24 in 24, thanks to you and Caitlin.

      This poem is a response to the prompt for using a line from Frost’s poem, and i embedded it within burning issues…

      Sipping tea now,

      All my best,

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