Alis Volat Propriis (She flies with her own wings)

We want to spread our wings..
And touch the sky..
Walk around the world..
And leave footprints on the ground..
We wish to breathe..
The fragrance of freedom.
We want to rise above and touch the Sun,
meet the moon,
and dance with the stars.
We want to spread our wings.
And travel to lands distant and far.
But then we see
our shackled feet..
Our chained wings..
We are not singing melodies..
Caged birds only sing dirges sad.–
Fire in our eyes and strength in our wings..:
Storms cannot be bound in cages.
We’ll one day break free.
The shackles in pieces the chains made dust..
We’ll soar to the zenith.
Not garden cuckoo..
We are eagles who sings of glory..
Songs of victory..!!

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