Olive the pet cat

Olive, the pet cat had olive green eyes. I was seven when I picked her from some roadside. I cannot recall the exact place. She looked starved. So I got her home. Named her olive which my friends said was funny for a cat. It sounds more like a name for a parrot. I loved olive though she littered here and there and my mum got angry. But we toilet trained her. But after somedays Maa said olive is not a she turned out to be a tomcat.

Olive was my favourite pet

Yes it was a tomcat.

He put on so much weight

But he died when I was ten

And now I feel nostalgic

Immortalising him with my pen.

One thought on “Olive the pet cat

  1. That made me giggle reading that Olive was more an appropriate name for a parrot. Because this was a memory, the details are more specific and more delightfully visual. Oh how I wish I had a potty trained cat. I’d join the circus! Lol.

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