Strength of My Loins

Strength of my loins
I remember when you were first placed in my arms
I couldn’t get enough of you
I could never get tired of staring at you
The perfumed smell of your talcum powder
The oil liberally spread on your most shiny cape of hair
I admired your beautiful pink toes. All ten of them
I oohed and ahhhed over your exquisitely formed pink fingers
The nails so tiny and pink
I kissed the soles of your feet ,over and over again
I held you to my heart
And our hearts beat, as one
In the sweet unison
Of mother and child
I was amazed that you had found your way, into my life
I was awed, that you chose to grace my house hold, with your sweet presence
The love I felt, the love, I still feel
Cannot adequately be expressed in words
There are no words to convey the depth of the love, I have, I feel for you
My heart beats for you, little one
I try to peep at the future. I know one day
I’ll have to let you go
I shudder to think.I cannot bear it
My mind comes back to the present
The bundle sucking so tenderly at my breasts
The nipples you hold.. Between your
Oh so beautifully sculptured pink lips
And your tenacity at ensuring all the milk you can possibly drink, comes out!
I adjust you slightly when you’re done suckling
To ensure you burp
You eyes look into mine,sated
Sure and secure in the love, I radiate
I love you, so much it hurts, little one
I love you so much, I catch my breath, sharply, when your eyes meet mine
I love you, my baby
Strength of my loins
Together, no challenge is insurmountable
No mountain too high, to climb
Your eyes close slowly, after your meal
I rock you. Cooing softly
All too soon, your eyes close in sleep
Your total shutdown, in lalaland

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