Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t stop believin’

I did, once
I stopped, I let myself sink
not into a lull, not a momentary lapse
but a period of complete
I settled into a life of
long work hours and few excitements
and empty-headed melancholy

I lived in mediocrity for years,
exploring nothing outside of
work, sleep, repeat


I was inspired,
rejuvenated, energized once again
I remembered who I once dreamed of being
made a plan
to make that ethereal person into a reality

It’s slow, and the fear in the pit of my stomach
is ever-present
some days I don’t think I’ll ever
reach that far off destiny

I shove my way past limitations
because that is the only way I will ever
make a place for myself
doing something I love.

All I have to do
is change my reality
Change myself.

I have already begun,
and I’m nowhere close to finished.

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