Hour 14

I’ve been peculating the parts of you     every evening and storing them   in my soul’s jar   everytime I peek into the jar   The parts of you— diffuse into the gloomy air

From A Boys Eyes

I strolled along a crooked road, the journey was so long. I had to pack for 30 days and sang a month of songs. The trees were all so very tall. The sun, it shone so bright. I wasn’t sure I would be found again…


  I’ve asked a million times to pick up your room but you Always leave it to the last nano second Good thing nobody Ever Visits.

Exploratory Surgery

It’s like you dissected me, exposed me, beginning with the heart and slowly working backward through the ribs, the dermis Your idea of love is a poem you’ll never write. then outward leaving notes in my skin with your scalpel and delete line after line…

Boss Hummingbird

I assume she’d tired of her nest. Maybe she just felt like the patio was best.  Less stress.  She is very protective of the place. Not sure why she would need so much space.  Just not commonplace.  She runs everyone out of her patio room….

Natural Selection

  Dad wonders if all this banding of birds and tagging of ears creates selection pressure in favor of jewelry But with microbeads The Great Garbage Patch Spinning in the Pacific And asphalt to go by, It won’t be good


a forest painted on a glazed china cup is no less lifeless than a forest choked by auto exhaust. prompt 20