UNTITLED Your past Entangled In your present Assumes Your Future Without constraints

Rock Me

ROCK ME Recalling memories of summer Outdoors with You – beachwalk in the moonlight Constantly staring into your eyes Kind words falling out of your lips Me and You frozen in the moment Enchanted- our souls wishing for this moment to never fade away  

Ten Years Ago

Cut loose, new freedoms spring from explosive endings. I’m blind to them such is the chaos, grieving loss, shaken questioning of self, the tumult of new beginnings.  

Poem 4 – They’re Simply Special

What is it about memories Good ones, make us laugh Bad ones, make us reflect Special ones, make us cry   What is it about recollection Brings long lost friends together Brings distant relatives closer It’s the opposite of a disputant   There are those…

Prompt Nine: Peanut Butter And Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly   Only Daddy made it so good. Did he create this deliciousness? I know Mom bought the Wonder Bread, the Jif Smooth Peanut Butter and Jelly.   Mom was not bad with the sandwich. But Daddy, his tasted creamier. No, Daddy…


Shades of memory play on in my mind, some a mere shadow of thought still lingering, faint reminders of past echoing on in the haunted corridors of a waking dream

Card Game Memories (2022)

Invitation to play Teaching the rules Preparing The game begins Card after card is played Occasional rule reminders We pick up speed As my opponent catches on Flashbacks to high school Friends gathered around a desk Waiting in anticipation New comers “slapping in” Something inside…

Re-POST: Watery Dream (Prompt One 2022)

In the right place this time! I am out of practice of posting on wordpress. May have posted in wrong place. Watery Dream I dreamt of water . . . again. I dreamt of her . . . again. It was flowing over my feet….

The View- Poem 2

The View  -Poem 2   The joy of unseen things Wonders of nature brings Sunset in the morning seems Walking on the deck feels   The joy of the morning walk Brings joy to the day folks The sky a pattern of heart felt The…

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