Hour 15 (2021)

Free-write You perfected your craft of breaking me. But I mastered the art of putting myself back together.

Hour 14 (2021)

Butterflies dance in the sun A dragonfly joins them The children have made a new friend.

Hour 13 (2021)

Acrostic Death personified. Dark eyes drill into me Everything around me blurs As he makes his way across the room Too bad no one else sees him He’s finally come for me.

Hour 12 (2021) CW: SENSUAL POETRY

Nonet Tonight, I’m feeling so damn empty, like nothing will feel good again and I don’t know what to do to satisfy this urge. Only you can help. So come over here, have your way inside of me

Hour 11 (2021)

I sneak past the forest ranger and run into the skyscraper trees. So tall, the clouds become jealous of their height. My heart is beating so hard, but I’m just getting started. Now, I climb. Up up up Past the birds Past the clouds and…

Hour 10 (2021)

Free-write Words rest delicately in the back of my throat, hostage to a jaw that no longer knows how to unclench. When I bite my tongue I’m holding my trauma between clenched teeth. This mouth is my story’s prison.

Hour 9 (2021)

Limerick There once was a man named Mack who said he must hit the sack. Now he needs a shower Cause he’s covered in flour Knowledge of idioms he surely lacks

Hour 7 (2021)

Everyone seems to crave that return to normalcy. But what does that even look like anymore? I’ve been wearing masks before the CDC recommended it. Mine just happen to look like smiles. Anxiety is my social distancing. Depression, my quarantine. So that abnormal that you…

Hour 6 (2021)

Free-write My hair has a mind if it’s own most days. Unruly and hard to tame. We’re a lot alike, my hair and I. But I think we both look our best wrapped in your fingers.

Hour 5 (2021)

Spade digs into soil, I strike a tiny metal box labeled time capsule. and wonder what’s inside. Could it be a letter? Polaroid memories? A favorite toy? Maybe even treasure?! It could be anything. Next to the box is a small gray stone that simply…