Hour 4 (2021)

Cloaked in fog I wander through the woods where time seems to slow down and almost reverse. I feel young again. I feel free at last. The weight of city lights just melts away. I can breathe. I wonder if I should even go back….

Hour 3 (2021)

As soon as her pupils glanced me way Mine dilated to let in her light With one look I melted for her Her fingertips grazed my skin And the molecules shifted between us With one touch I melted for her She gave me tongued promises…

Hour 2 (2021)

Coffee and Change It was a long drive and I was tired. Not just physically, but emotionally too. My eyes began to droop with the setting sun. But like Robert Frost, I’ve got miles to go before I sleep. So I pulled into a diner,…

Hour 1 (2021)

For so long I lived in the illusion of our happy ending. Until I learned that endings can be found in the middle too. It took me far too long to see that my happy was in our ending, which also became my beginning. 6/26/2021

Hour 23

Find the one Who dances with your demons Instead of someone Who creates them

Hour 22

Doubt is but A feather you pluck As you molt your wings To make room for new growth

Hour 21 Goodnight

I want to go to bed with you Lets slip between the sheets I’ll fall into your sweet embrace And let you completely take me over I’m ready to go all night If you’re ready to take me there So what do you say Mr….

Hour 20

Some people want Their name in city lights I’d rather see mine In the stars

Hour 19

Someone once told me There’s other fish In the sea But you know what else There’s a ton of? Garbage