Ode to Facebook

Oh my love, my darling love, and in the words of a well known song, ‘you’re my favourite waste of time’ my opening to the outside world. My lifeline how you trap me in knowledgeable clutches you ensnare. I demand to know how many likes…

An Ode to Old Odes and Poets We Owe

Keats was the guy our English teachers fawned all over ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ spellbound many a napping student, when not making their stomachs churn Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley all dutifully took their turns more recently was Neruda, in love with socks – a sartorial,…

Ode To A True Friend (Haiku’s)

He was there indeed… As I cried and slowly died! A lover and friend. We could not remain… Lovers till the end of time. Friends we are this day! Our love had no end. We cannot see us apart, At least, as best friends. Thank…

Ode to a Bed

Mellow hollow, shaped by time, Safe, familiar, soft and warm. Where I sleep, sit and recline, Dawn to noon, to dusk, to dawn I mostly live inside my head, And leave my body on my bed. Prompt: Sleep Form: Ode  


  You are my favorite food group. Thank you for your brewing, brooding ways, your dark deep stirrings, your faithful dry roasted boost. No matter how many lumps I take, no matter how low the day goes, there is always a mermaid mug of Joe….